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Our Story

Kahania was born out of my search for a decent shave! What can I say... I like to stay smooth.  Sounds pretty simple right? Not too much to ask?  Well, actually it turned out it was.  

I'd had it with skin irritation, razor burn, dryness, nicks, cuts and bumps so I decided to investigate into these so called shaving products since they weren't getting me the results they promised.

That's when I uncovered the toxic ingredients hiding on our shelves!

You may already know this but at the time, I didn't.  I was horrified to learn that so many of the ingredients in the shaving creams, gels, and other body care products I was using were packed full of chemicals that were also used for tasks like cleaning car engines and garage floors! Did you know that shave cream and gels are more acidic than acid rain! WHAT?! And here we are smearing this stuff all over our bodies wondering why our skin isn't looking and feeling great and having shaving issues.

I decided to make a change and develop a whole new way to shave focused on women.  All the products women have for shaving are repackaged shave creams and gels originally developed for men's faces.  Ladies our shaving needs are much different.  We aren't just shaving a face we are shaving large delicate areas with a lot of nooks and crannies.  On top of that shave cream and gels just aren't conducive to use in the shower.  What good are they if they wash off?  Not to mention the balancing act it requires to try and prevent it is a huge pain... or could literally be a physical pain if you fall.

Out of this Kahania Shave Mist was born and answered all my shaving problems.  It doesn't wash off in the shower and actually nourishes the body instead of destroying it.  It changed my life and those of Kahania customers too. It is our flagship product and used by women all across the country and abroad. It didn't stop there. I developed a bigger product line to answer the call of those of us who are ready to start treating our bodies with the love, care, and nourishment they deserve.  Same holds true for mother nature since these products run down our drains.

Open your mind to the new healthy way to shave and do skin care! You will feel the Kahania difference.

So go on...TREAT yourself to Kahania....You Deserve It!